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weeping horse

A small horse rescue is dying in Wales please can you help?

There are 14 horses to save plus numerous farm yard animals and their owner who has fought tirelessly over many years to save horses across the UK.

Unfortunately this is the end, please help in any way you can.

For further details please email or NASSL Bristol Branch or call 0117 950 3342 or 0117 982 2113.

National Animal Sanctuaries Support League is an 'umbrella' under which many of the smaller but no less important animal rescues throughout the UK belong. The organisation helps animals, both wild and domestic on a local, national and international level, both long and short term. The NASSL organisation also empowers smaller animal welfare organisations to continue their valuable work.

The Bristol branch of the organisation was established over ten years ago and helps rescues and some charities in a number of ways. It can provide funding in the establishment of a rescue, practical advice in the day to day running, or just a bit of moral support. We all need this support sometimes and the dedicated individuals who run these organisations, who are on call 24-7 caring for the animals and often helping many humans in the process, are no exception!

This is a genuine list of some of the animals rescued or rehomed by NASSL Bristol Branch since 1999.

We rely on the tremendous generosity of our volunteers and supporters to make these rescues possible. Please continue to support us and give generously, with public sector cutbacks now is a time when animals need our help more than ever.

How you can help?

NASSL relies on support from the public. There are many ways in which you can help us to help unwanted and injured animals, click on the links at the top of this page to find out ways you can support us.